The Marine Workout

The US Marines’ state-of-the-art combat-training program is one of the finest and most sought after programs of all times.

US Marine hardcore workout

You might wonder, as what can be the reason of its popularity, and the answer is simple. The program is always updated with new training techniques and challenges.

The program isn’t designed to put the trainee under pressure. But a routine that is different yet challenging.

Below mentioned is a plan that will gradually prepare you physically and mentally, for the demands of military training.


Military workout is a step-by-step program that will help you to master different phases with time.

Marine Trainings

In the first week, you will become a pro in basic combat-conditioning workouts. Next, your physique will start to improve as you pair power workouts with sprints more.

By the third week, your body will be ready to take an advance athletic drill.

And finally, you will be fully prepared for a real Marine fitness challenge, as your body will have enough speed and strength.

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Finish three workouts each week and take a one-day rest between the sessions. Begin your routine with basic moves and workouts.

Some common exercises that Marines do include are planks, Supermans, and side bridges.

So, let us have a look, as what exactly the program is all about.

Week 1: Perform all the workouts in the orderly fashion. Firstly, complete a single set of 8 – 10 reps for every move excluding the side bridge. You can take a rest of 60 seconds between workouts.

Week 2: Along with the workouts of first week, you have to perform a power move followed by a sprint, which is called ‘double’.

For every sprint, you have to run really fast for at least 8 – 15 seconds. Turn around and walk back towards the starting point and begin with the next set of workouts.

Marine Workout Challenges

 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Perform double pushups and sprints twice. Perform double pull ups and sprints twice. Perform double pushups and sprints twice.
Perform doubles of squats & sprints twice. Perform doubles of swings and sprints twice. Perform double sprints and squats twice.
12 repetitions of each workout. Keep the target of eight pull-ups and twenty swings. Pushups 12 times.

Squats twenty times.

Don’t forget to take a 60 seconds break between the exercises.

Week 3: By the third week, you should begin with a ‘triple’ – an upper-body workout followed by a lower-body workout, concluded with a sprint.

After a sprint, charge yourself for 8 to 15 seconds and then return to the beginning. Complete six triples in every workout, taking a rest of 60 seconds between the triples.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Start from 20 squats. Dumbbell swing – 25 times. 25 reps.
12 pushups. 12 presses & clean. 20 Pushups.
Sprint. Sprint.  

Week 4: Then starts two main Marine fitness challenges. Take a one-day rest between them. Start every session by a side bridge & plank. Hold it for 1 minute. Repeat after taking a 3 seconds rest.

Marine workout challenges

Challenge number 1:

  • Run for a quarter mile, as this will be the sprint distance for the doubles.
  • Perform 15 repetitions of the clean and repetitions followed by running.
  • Perform another double with 20 deadlifts followed by running.
  • Finally, a double of 25 squats and running.

Challenge number 2:

  • Start with 20 dumbbell swings. Perform 20 pushups, immediately after.
  • This makes a superset, which you can do as many as you can in 20 minutes. The challenge has to be repeated after four weeks. It is better to add an additional superset.
  Workout Details
1 Sandbag squat Hold a dumbbell (Marines use sandbags) against your chest. Bend your hips and elbows to the bottom until your knees are parallel to each other. Repeat.
2 Sandbag Deadlift Hold a sandbag with both of your hands. Lower your shoulders until the sandbag touches the floor. Stand up. Repeat.
3 Dumbbell –  Clean & Press Start by bending your hips upwards and lift dumbbells in each hand. Gradually lift weight by pulling up and hold over the top of your shoulders. Finally, straighten your posture and lift up your dumbbells. Repeat.
4 Dumbbell Swing Hold a dumbbell with bent knees and hips positioned upwards. Gradually lift the dumbbell with one hand on a 90-degree angle and rise in an upward position completely. Repeat.
5 Front Squat – Push press Hold a barbell in front of your shoulders while bringing your knees forward. Bend your knees while pushing your hips upwards. Now stand up while stretching your arms with barbells straight up in the air.
6 Pullup Grip a chin-up bar with your hands pull apart slightly more than the shoulder width. Gradually lift your body up until the chin-up bar touches the neckline.
7 Pushup The classic pushup position – legs straight and hand beneath your shoulders. Bend your elbows by keeping your body rigid until your chest is just off the floor.
8 Side Bridge Lay down on your side with your legs joined together. Gradually lift your body with the help of your hand on floor. Finally open your legs until it forms a V-SHAPE. Hold it for 20 seconds and repeat the steps with the other side.

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